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Light Installation

Exterior Home Lighting

These lights are installed on the exterior of the home and are controllable through a mobile application. They offer the flexibility to change colors based on specific themes, such as Christmas or Halloween. These lights are designed to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the house and provide an adaptable ambiance for various occasions. With the convenience of smartphone control, users can easily customize and adjust the lighting to suit their preferences or the festive spirit they wish to evoke.

Tree Lighting

Primarily intended for occasions like Christmas, this service involves the installation of lights on trees. These lights are strategically placed to illuminate and decorate trees, enhancing the overall outdoor decor. They create a captivating display, usually associated with the festive season, by adorning the trees with vibrant and festive lighting, adding a magical touch to the environment.


This service involves the installation of decorative lighting for holidays, including Christmas and other special occasions. Beyond just lights, it includes the incorporation of decorative props such as reindeers, Santa Claus figures, or other thematic ornaments. These props, combined with the lighting setup, adorn various exterior elements of the property, like fences, pillars, or designated outdoor spaces, enhancing the festive spirit and visual appeal. The addition of props adds an extra dimension to the decorations, bringing iconic holiday characters or elements to life and creating a more immersive and delightful outdoor setting for homeowners and passersby.


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